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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 9 Breaking free

This week deals with a steadfast mind and freedoms from strongholds. Day two this week is where I got pulled in. It talks about tearing down high places. When I thought of the high places I thought about the buildings where they used to worship idols. In part that's true but according to Beth Moores breaking free study there is more to it! Our strong holds she says affect our behaviors. These are things that are obvious to us correct? Did you though realize these strongholds are also idols? and by behavior I don't just mean our moods and how we act but how we worship and bond with the Lord! Anything that keeps our mind off the Lord and on "it" is a stronghold/idol. She states if we don't cast these things down they will sooner or later cast us down. We can tear down our strongholds with the mighty power of God, or they will eventually tear us down. Here is one of her personal stories. She says "I'll never forget realizing that a person I felt I couldn't forgive had become an idol to me through my unforgiveness."

WOW give that some serious though! Remember me telling you all about my sister in law? Well it seems just as I am no longer lingering on the situation something happens to bring it all back in my face again. I still have not heard from her. But her 2 daughters have contacted me on the SAME day. One wanting advice about a laptop and the other inviting us for Easter. My youngest niece is going to prom and asked me to do her pictures. I am a Photographer for those of you who don't know. I told her I couldn't cause her uncle was working. All of a sudden they are being super nice! So it kind of irritates me cause I know why they are doing this. I am telling you this because I have let this situation become a IDOL!!!!!!!! I have dwelled on the situation so much I have let it keep me from Gods word and his promise to take care of and bring down my enemies! And yes folks family can be a enemy and use us just as mush as outsiders!

Beth states about her own story "Satan seized my imaginations until the whole situation stole my focus and therefore became idolatrious to me"

HA on Satan he picked the wrong week to bring this situation back to me! I see through it clearly!

So this week we are to
1 Recognize those things keeping us captive
2. Stand in agreement with God 1John 1:9 "if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."
3. Tear down the Lies Once we recognize the strong holds,agree with god and confess we can then begin to see the lies.
4. Put up the truth "Our Captive has escaped the prison of controlling thoughts and is very close to controlling them instead. TRUTH is the only way out!

Some strongholds she mentions that i would of never viewed as strongholds until given thought to are loving your children too much, becoming obsessed with them, adoration and idolatry then the mother has constructed a stronghold.

another is morning a death too long. It will put a wedge between us and God if we are consumed with the loss and bitterness that has eclipsed comfort and healing.

Do you have strong holds that you didn't realize were? Man i do ;o(


Jun Bug House said...

I love him too Connie,
Thank you!

charleeta said...

I like Beth Moore's bible studies. We do a lot of them at our church. A couple of years ago I treated my daughter and myself to a weekend trip to San Francisco to see her. It was a blessed trip.

TT said...

Thanks. Sometimes we just need a reminder.

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