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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Saturday

There wont be anything from me this weekend. Today i told my boys they were going to help me deep clean the house and this afternoon we are leaving to head to downtown St. Louis to see Disney on ice. The only way i could get Reagan in bed last night was asking her if she wanted to go see Mickey mouse when she woke up? Now how to pass all these hours before she can actually SEE him haha. This tomorrow we will be in Church. Monday I am not so sure about. My mom is talking about coming over so we can go for a walk. Here I go being too open with you all! I am up to 197lbs and my mom does not directly say anything but tells me about different food that are healthy and offers to go on walks with me. This is different then when I was a kid so I am thankful how she is trying to help. How about you all? Any of you struggling with a weight problem? Or have struggled and have some advice? I would love to hear it! And i would love to help support you if you too are going down this road! Until later you all have a very BLESSED and safe weekend!


Evelyn said...

Hello Connie, I too am waliking the walk..and have tried to walk the talk all my life..I should have done it in my young days I so regret my advice to you is "PLEASE" do it now while you are still young..Being overweight causes issues I am sooo sick now. So now I am very serious about it I have lost 50 lbs cuz I have to do it I am in soo much pain. Trust me you will feel so much better have a different sense of life. My knees don't hurt as much anymore. I had 5 kids my life was theirs. I never thought of me..I am putting make-up on now I am dressing better now and so will you. You will be BEAUTIFUL.!! I am on Jenny Craig!!

Anonymous said...

Talk about having a weight problem... I have been fat all my life... I was a 'chubby' little kid, 'plump' teenager and then an OBESE adult.
I have tried every diet on earth and then in 2006 my doctor told me I needed to do something about my weight...AND FAST.. my blood pressure was high, my diabetes was out of control and I was going to be put on insulin since I was topped out on pills for my blood sugar. I asked about weight loss surgery and the doc said he thought for me, it was a good idea... Mind you, I was FAT, not slightly overweight like you...I weighed 310 pounds... Well,Nov of 2006, I had gastric bypass surgery. No longer diabetic, I got down to 145 pounds, then when my hubby was in the hospital, got down to 135, which for me was way too thin (I still have all that excess skin). I am now at about 165, which is 15 pounds ABOVE the goal weight my doctor wants me at...I am also starting to walk...I think the key is to find some sort of excercise that YOU enjoy and will do, be it walking, swimming, dancing, whatever.. just take the time to do what YOU enjoy doing and plan that time in your schedule to take care of YOU...
Good luck! It is tough...

ConnieGoewey said...

Ladies congrats to both of you! Thank you so much for sharing your stories with me! I think one of the problems is I dont know what type of "exercise" I like. Walking kills my knees. We have a pool and I cant stand getting in it. I Do like hiking though through the woods so hopefully the warmer it gets the more I can do that! I am proud of you both for taking control of your weight and beating it! Keep up the awesome work! I will keep you all updated on my journey!

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