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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lets pick some flowers!

Today it got up to 71 outside! We stayed out there for 5 hours!!! Reagan got to picking flowers and decided it would be a good idea to get Ginger to smell them.

There is a little story behind Ginger and Reagan's relationship. Ginger actually bit Reagan 2 times in the past. I took her, ok dragged her into the dog pound cause NO dog is going to bite my kids. Well all was ok I was signing the papers and I of course had to ask the question what will you do with her? He told me he would put her down. Ya ok I also can NOT put a dog to sleep that's in good health! She pranced her way back out to my car! We had a talk in the parking lot! She turns her head away from Reagan like nope not gonna happen! I really think this dog knows! And Reagan just loves her to pieces! ;)


Jun Bug House said...

Oh thi sis sweet.
What a touching story.
I love dogs sooooooo much.
I tell ya, It would of been a toss up as to I had to think to give away.
I am so happy God softened your heart, and Gingers too.
Love ya honey,

Summer's Blog said...

She looks a lot like Summer from that angle

ConnieGoewey said...

The boys have seen different pictures of Summer and thought it was Reagan. Very odd considering they were born on the same day lol

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