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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do you ever just feel BLAH!!!!????!!!!!

Here lately I don't know what my issue is. I am sleeping 13-14 hours a day! I am not depressed. I am honestly bi polar. I have cut my meds back to see if that's it to find no change. Usually I would get into a manic state and that's not even happening. Which honestly would be kind of nice right now! I know not good playing with medications but 13-14 hours a day! I asked my husband if I am snoring a lot at night maybe sleep apenia? Maybe weight? Maybe not smoking for almost a month? Maybe Maybe Maybe??? I keep meaning to call the doctor but find myself back in bed and before I know it its too late. Anyhow I just wanted to let you all know why your not see any files. I really need to find out whats going on with my health but will also try to so get out some files to you! Easter is almost here and we need some things don't we? So hopefully in the next couple days I can get something up for you all! Until then please keep me in your prayers to find some strength and energy! Gods blessings and unfailing love to each of you!


Tammy D said...

You know your body might be fighting something or are you pregnant? Don't sweat it spring is almost here. I bet you bounce back before you know it. If not, call the Dr.

ConnieGoewey said...

noooo I am not pregnant. I went through IVF to have my kids and since they never could tell us why i could not get pregnant i wanted to make sure it didn't happen cause we were not trying so after Reagan I had my tubes tied. I think It may be lack of exercise. Ya know the winter blues? I am going to give it a little longer before I call the doctor. Yes I hate going to doctors and will find a dozen reasons in the world to not go! lol Thanks Tammy!

Tammy D said...

Well I heart the sunshine is helping today. Hugs.

ConnieGoewey said...

I was like wait a second how does she know i have sunshine! LOL Where in IL are you?

cantrell6 said...

Hey Connie I too have gone through some Blah days lately. I do hope that you start to feel better soon. I do miss your files, but remember that YOU come first. Take care of yourself and then we will be here when you come back.


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