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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Grandpa

This is my Grandpa I have asked prayers for. He is almost 86 and has been sick and in the hospital since last week. I was able to go over today with my sons and visit him for a while at the hospital. The more people that came in the higher his spirits got and his eyes lit up and he was his self. Please keep praying for him He has surgery on his back Thursday. I of course will be there then! We are also planning on spending Easter evening with him.
Grandpa and My Dad


Tammy D said...

Cherish every moment you have with him. I miss my Granddad everyday.

ConnieGoewey said...

Tammy its hard to picture life without him. He is the will give us so much trouble razzing us up and down. Sometimes giving a good cussin! But yet its all show. He would kill someone over any of us or give up his life for us. To look at this pictures i see how fragile he has become. I want to hold onto him forever. I know people thought i was nuts bringing my camera to the hospital but so be it! Turns out it was a good decision 2 of his elderly brothers came to visit that he has not seen in years! TY for your prayers!

Anonymous said...

What precious pictures Connie!!! And wonderful memories to cherish!!!!!!

Carol's Crafts said...

I Will continue to pray for your Grandpa, Connie. I just lost my Mother in December, and it is so hard to loose someone you love. I sure hope you have some more years with him.

Anonymous said...

you got some great pics! I love the one of him smiling..and the one of his chin in his hand... he looks so deep in thought!
I am ashamed to say, I took pictures of my husband when he was in the hospital in 07, while he was in a coma (after his heart attack)..I waited until the doctors felt he was going to make it thru beacause I wanted him to be able to see just how sick he was...and he cannot believe how horrible he looked.. on life support and all..
Good luck you your grandpa..will keep him in my prayers

Cindy-Up In Northern Michigan said...

How wonderful. Glad Grampa is doing better and will continue to pray not only for his healing but that he will be Saved.

Annel said...

What precious pictures Connie! I wish I had photo of my grandpa. Enjoy every moment. I will pray for him and your family. Have a great Easter.

Mom Buzz said...

Connie, I think your taking your camera with you to the hospital was a wonderful idea. Grandpa's time in the hospital is a little part of the whole of his life and will fit into all of the memories you cherish about him. He looks like a great man to have as a grandpa!
Happy Easter to all of your family

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