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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yes is a No and No is a Yes

Anyone see this? This week my Church is in Revival! This preacher is really touching me with the word God has given him to bring and I wanted to share last night with you. I know we have all heard yes means no and no means yes but has anyone given a deep thought to that? I know I never had until it was explained to me. When we say yes to something we are saying no to something else. As well when we say no to something we are saying yes to something else. For example I was so tired last night but I went to Church. I said yes to Church and no to staying home and sleeping. Which brings me to my next subject. We were made to be a influence to others. When we are saying yes or no to something people are watching. By saying yes to Church last night I was a influence to my Children that God and his Church are very important! Our ability to influence others depends on the choices (yes or no) we make. In Matthew 3:13-14 God says we are Blessed. Gods plan for our (my,your) life is bigger then we could ever imagine! Why are we not saying no to the world more and yes to God more so we can be BLESSED!!!! I want to be Blessed don't you? What are you saying yes and no too? I know I am not perfect and I never thought about saying yes to one thing was leading me to say no to another. But I find as I wake up this morning I am giving more thought to my yes and no's. If we ignore the power we have to influence other people we are in all honesty ignoring Gods plan for our life. We are put here on this earth to serve the Lord. Not for him to serve us. The sweet thing about this is if we serve him and bring people to him we will be BLESSED!!! You are Gods child. When our children do right we reward them. When they don't we punish them. We have a choice God can reward us for our good behavior or we can go without being Blessed! God is going to DAILY put people into our lives that we can influence. Whats your choice? Check Yes or no!


Sally said...

I can see why that was such a powerful message to you. It was to me when I read it. It's amazing how something so simple, can be so uplifting and inspiring. I need to say no to this computer and yes to Bible study, RIGHT NOW!

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