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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Final night

Last night was the final night of revival. We had a wonderful time at a fellowship dinner and then was able to participate in signing praises to the Lord with some soul moving tunes!I am glad to get back to normal around the house but have to be honest and admit I am sad to see it go. I really do enjoy being in Church daily! Just because it was the last night though Pastor Mike didn't slack on his preaching! I have three and a half pages of notes here to share with you today. So are you ready?

We learned about knowing the Lord by name last night. Do you know his name? I did but as with other things did not give deep thought into it. Now though I know how to and can apply it to my life! I hope after reading this you too will be able to do the same.

Pastor Mike started us off last night in 1 Cor 1:9 It is Gods will for our life to know Jesus Christ and have a fellowship with him.

Philip 3:10 To many times we see God as a divine Santa clause wanting things from him rather then just wanting him. Believe me I still want those blessings he promised me but if I am wanting the blessings more then the relationship with the Lord then there is a serious issue and we wont see the blessings and I feel we will become miserable!
We should not waste out energy on boasting and bragging about things that just consume us.. Brag and boast that God understands and knows you personally! Boast and brag that no matter where or what time God hears your prayers!

As you get to know the names of God you will be able to grow closer to him. In growing closer to the Lord I personally feel we will see our stress levels drop because we will no longer have time for those things that consume us. Things that don't really matter anyhow!

Ex 3:14 Moses thought he was a no body! To God though he was a somebody. We are all a somebody to God! God has a job for each and everyone of us as he did for Moses and well excuses wont work with God. Sorry folks no calling in sick here!

Now are you ready for Gods name? I AM... Yes I know some of you already knew this but tell me what does it mean??? I AM??? You AM what??? He is the GREAT I AM__________
For instance you are depressed God is the I AM HEALER
You are sad God is the I AM Comforter
You are Happy God is the I AM supplier of happiness
You feel empty God is the I AM your filler

So I AM means what? HE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! ANYTHING YOU NEED HE IS!!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!! God is anything and everything we need. Just call on him and he will be your I AM.
Because he is the I AM every generation is to know him by name.
He is
The God of your father
1. God of Abraham
2. God of Issac
3. God of Jacob
(Don't forget the above 3 we will be revisiting them)

Gen 12:1 tells us God is a dream maker and will make our dreams come true. ONLY he can make our lives more then we could ever hope for!

Ok back to the above 3 men.
1. Abraham proves and shows God is the dream giver!

2. Issac proves and shows God is a promise Keeper! That NOTHING is impossible with God and God keeps his promises when he wants NOT when we want!

3. Jacob proves and shows God changes lives. Even the most stubborn!

Each one of us can relate to at least one of the men listed above! Who are you? I have to say when I was going through infertility I was 100% Issac and Sara! I wanted a child so bad I wavered on many avenues cause I didn't want to wait or i thought maybe i was supposed to go in other directions. But one thing I know for sure God never took it from my heart and I KNEW I was to be a mother. Now in my life I feel I can relate with Abraham. I have dreams and I know in Gods time he will fill my dreams or show me my dreams need to be different. But in his time not mine!

No matter what Gods ultimate desire is for us to know him!
No one can cry out to Jesus for you! ONLY YOU can cry out to Jesus for you! If you call his name he WILL answer. He is there waiting to be your I AM___________

Gods love and blessings to you all


Mimi said...

Thank you again, for sharing with us!

Jun Bug House said...

Thank you Connie.
Keep it up.

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